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About Us

Founded in 2016, LatinMocha International LLC is a fashion and lifestyle brand that highlights and celebrates the beautiful diversity of all Latinos, by recognizing its many rich races, cultures and ethnic backgrounds. The company's founder, partners and team members embody this diversity since they hail from various Latin American and Caribbean countries. 

Our brand’s diversity is conveyed by the gradient shades of brown in our logo—from espresso to vanilla—and our taglines are popular and easily recognizable amongst all Latinos, regardless of race. 

We chose the word “Mocha” because of the richness it conveys and color variations it provides, not only in the Latino community, but in society in general. Our brand has been recognized and embraced by Latinos and non-Latinos alike, of all races, who relate and appreciate our message, or honestly just like our diverse and unique fashion. LatinMocha encourages everyone to join in the acknowledgement and celebration of Latin American racial and cultural diversity and the beauty it exemplifies.